Making new friends in Kosovo

Becoming brothers

Adam Casey, Co-Founder

In 2006, while preparing to play in the Sun Bowl as a receiver for the University of Missouri, I encountered a girl who profoundly changed my life. Being with her instilled in me the belief that in order to become someone great, I had to be willing to risk everything I was.  Because of her I realized that only through great adversity can we become a story of remarkable success. 

A former Naval Officer and current USMC 1st Lt Infantry Officer, I Do It For Her is my tribute to the inspiration she still gives. At the age of 28, I was diagnosed with a Stage 4 advanced Lymphoma that nearly took my life. Now I want to show the world just how much one person can accomplish when they no longer fear failure. 

TEDxMU - "Why You Should Fall Recklessly In Love"

Jason Klarfeld, Co-Founder

The great Mario Andretti once said, “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough."" That is exactly how I felt when I hit 25. I had what the norm would consider everything- a stable job, beautiful girlfriend and solid friends all living in a great city. But there was a gap missing in my life that needed to be explored.

My inspiration came from not just one person, but a multitude of events that finally broke me free from all that was holding me back. My goal is to help others who struggle with what the world has given them to use their circumstances as a launching point for a better life.

Finding time in Thailand


Stryker Sulak, Selection Committee 

Always a fighter

In 2009, after graduating from the University of Missouri, I received one of many life lessons that still humbles me to this day. Fulfilling a childhood dream, I was drafted in the 6th round by the Oakland Raiders but then subsequently released that same year, forcing me down a path that would prove a true test of strength. I went from a promising career playing professional football to stocking beer in local grocery stores. 

While at Mizzou I formed friendships that will last a lifetime and started a process of continuous self growth through helping others. Although I am happy with what I am currently doing, it is important to always be looking for other places to grow more as a person. I have found that only through great adversity can we truly find success, and no matter what, you always have the strength to keep moving forward.