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A promise to someone to change the world…

Keeping that pledge by providing scholarships to low-income students

Who Are Low-Income Children?

Their family typically only makes $34,160 a year or less. And with the average cost of tuition, room & board, and books for just one year at a public 4-year in-state college currently around $22,000, it’s almost impossible for someone who comes from a household living below the poverty line to afford the step-up out of that vicious cycle.

About 9% of lowest-income students in the U.S. earn a bachelor’s degree compared to 77% for the highest income families whose annual income is $108,650 or more a year.

Often, those that do decide to go to college are first-generation college attendees and are quite literally embarking on a life-changing journey in a completely new world. We aspire to help as much as we can through our scholarship and mentoring program to hopefully reverse these trends because building for a better world tomorrow starts with laying the foundations today.