100k Race Fundraiser

In less than 4 weeks, I'm going to be running my first 100k trail race as part of the Bear Chase Race Series here in Colorado. It's going to be an incredibly demanding physical challenge and even more contested mental battle. Both of those extremes are integral into discovering just who "you" are as a person and never fail in being able to deliver a necessary moment of self-reflection. 

CrowdRise Donation Page

CrowdRise Donation Page

One of your fellow amazing, beautiful, and down-right badass 'I Do It For Her' supporters has graciously offered to match each dollar donated up to $1,000! Race entry fees have already been paid for and the race is a local one so no travel expenses need to be covered (I.e. flights to Mongolia...) which means that every dollar donated goes directly to our most recent scholarship recipient, MaKayla.

She is resolutely determined young woman attending SLU this Fall and we couldn't be more proud of who she is and what she wants to accomplish.  

Pushing my body to its limits while testing the fortitude of my mind and heart is a great encapsulation of our powerful mantra that demands we "become someone better than we ever thought possible". Anything, physical or emotional, that pushes you into the chaotic storm that is human life can ultimately lead to a more profound existence if you're able to stand your ground a keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Be Better,






KIPP St. Louis: Our new approach to helping others

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For the past 5 years, our mission has been to help those in desperate need of a quality education receive that opportunity through partial scholarships. The impact we've had on both the selected students and their families has been incredibly gratifying, humbling, and powerful!

Recently, our partner organization, KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) Stl, has made a BIG change and will be opening a brand new KIPP high school this Fall. By doing so, they will add another positive layer to serving St. Louis youths and their families who don't have the financial ability to get the life-changing education they deserve.

Because of this improvement, we are going to shift our focus towards helping high school students coming out of the KIPP organization prepare for the financial burden of college. Given the recent statistics that amount to over $1.4 TRILLION in crippling student loan debt, students who live below the poverty have yet another obstacle to overcome..

We are accepting of the challenges ahead and are dedicated to continue our promise that every dollar you donate goes DIRECTLY to helping those in need. Your support is changing lives and we can't thank you enough!

TEDx - "Why You Should Fall Recklessly In Love"

In the middle of 2016, not yet even a full year in remission, I took the TEDx stage to finally tell my story. A tremendous amount of emotional investment went into this talk and constructing each word made me explore parts of my past that I hadn't yet come to terms with.

The overwhelming amount of support from all over the world that the talk has received has been incredibly humbling and I can't express enough how grateful I am to read each and every personal message it sparks. We all have our own crosses to bear, burdens to fight, and broken hearts to mend, but in those dark moments we are given the chance to become something better than we ever thought possible.

Never take for granted the chance to fall so deeply in love with someone who makes you think you're strong enough to change the world. Set out each day to re-arrange the stars and never let your marks of a life worth dying for define you. 

Adam Casey, once an Officer with the Navy, and then USMC Infantry Officer, a former BIG 12 Student-Athlete at Mizzou, and a cancer survivor discusses the power of falling in love. Founder of "I Do It For Her", a 501(c)3 non-profit charity, that dares individuals to be courageous enough to become something better than they ever thought possible.