Half-way There!

You know that feeling when you could swear it was just the other day you were doing something significant in your life but then… BAM… years have gone by and now you’re left in absolute shock wondering how time could move so quickly? Well, that’s what this is like because it’s almost impossible to believe that one of our first scholarship winners is already half-way through her college career!

Rounding out this past semester with a 3.081 GPA, MaKayla excelled in nearly all 6 of her classes while still holding down a part-time job. Oh yeah, and while also fulfilling the 10-hr community service requirement at the St. Louis Crisis Nursery for the semester!

For her end of semester reflection essay (posted in full below), she talked about being held accountable for a situation that questioned her integrity recently and how it made her accept responsibility for things she let get out of her control. This life-lesson taught her the importance of being honest and always communicating with those who so truly only want the best for her in life.

We all make mistakes along the path to adult-hood and as amazing of a person as she is, that also rings true for her. But that’s what college is all about: making mistakes, owning up to them and then moving on with a new sense of maturity (hopefully).

And while you should try to do everything in your power to fulfill all responsibilities, sometimes you will come up short. Failing is a part of life, but what matters is what you do with that failure. Do you accept it, or do you learn from it?
— MaKayla Shaw, I Do It For Her scholarship recipient

And what a ride it’s been so far. From changing schools to dealing with her first ‘F’ in a class, the experience she’s had up until now is something that we all maybe took for granted because we always just knew that college was an inevitable part of our future.

The sad truth though is that for most low-income students who are lucky enough to finish high school, being able to then go onto college and earn there degree is anything but likely.

But through your support, we’re able to change that one low-income student at a time. To say that your donations are having a positive impact on those we serve would be the understatement of the year. Without your help, students like MaKayla would face the likely reality of being denied a chance at a life-altering college education simply because of their socioeconomic status in life.

So ‘thank you’ for being such wonderful human beings and believing not only in us at I Do It For Her but also the kids we get involved with. From the absolute bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful to be carrying out our mission and hope that you’ll continue supporting us along the way!

Be Better,