KIPP St. Louis


Most people know that I was never one to perform exceptionally well in school. I always had a tough time concentrating and focusing in the class and at home I rarely found the motivation to study enough to keep my grades above "average".

After college, these decisions came back with a vengeance and I was really hindered from a lot of things I wanted to do because I had proven myself to the fullest capacity I know I'm capable of. I always had this tinge of guilt every time I saw the blank space for my GPa on an application for graduate school. I felt like I had performed this unmentionable act of mediocrity to my future self and in a way that was right.

Though over the years I have worked tirelessly to rectify this wrong and now it is my time to pass on the opportunity for higher education to those who are clearly more deserving than most of us. Through I Do It For Her, we sponsor the Casey Family Scholarship to provide inner city and lower income students with a chance to attend a better school than the under-performing one they are attached to currently.

All we ask of them is that they define they're "why". 

We want them to show us that this scholarship not only effects them but those so intaminately invested into their success. Those that push them past those late nights of studying and long commuted to a school so far from home, time and time again, just so they can have a brighter future than the one they are destined for now.

Education is without a doubt the most important aspect to a life of change. Without it, we are eternally stuck in perpetual motion. Without intelligent progress we are simply finding asking the same question and expecting a different answer.